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Dalziel files

I am Colin Dalziel and this is my personal miscellany of web pages. I do hope you will find something of interest.

who, what and where?

I was an early adopter of the internet, having pages up and running in the late 1990's.
The collection of material featured on this suite of pages represents some of things that interest me,
and a collection of photos, clips, and features I have gathered over the years.

I am a SCOT, born in Glasgow, and currently living at Hamilton in Lanarkshire.
Whilst currently retired, I have worked in telecommunications, radio, TV and spectrum management
as an engineering professional and Civil Servant.
Ill health in 2011 prompted me to take early retirement, now recovered and enjoying a less stressful life
as a volunteer in the health care sector.

I lived in Aberdeen for nearly 20 years and got most of my education there, so there is some material from there.

Have avoided a Facebook presence but you can check me out on LinkedIn for more on the specifics!

site ethos

You are quite safe here! - a family friendly miscellany with -
NO "ads by Google"
NO commercial advertising
NO logins or registrations
 - and we DO NOT use cookies!


Still part of the coldal web pages "brand" the web presence of the RSGB Emerging Technology Co-ordination Committee
at can be accessed by clicking on the logo below.
The site has full information, lists, maps and news about the UK amateur radio repeater networks
and is provided for the benefit of all radio amateurs at no cost to RSGB members.